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Vision Multimedia:


As far as our products are concerned, we focus on providing striking, high-performing multimedia components that you actually want to install in your vehicles.

In fact, you wouldn't want to be caught without Vision in car multimedia in your car, truck or buses. Think of us as the cool car accessories shop who’s got all the gears you could possible imagine.

No more spending over top pricey premium car accessories. Now make your choice and imagine you can comfortably be seated in your mobile multimedia theatre.

Smart Lock:


To be leader in OEM integration it's our mission to innovate and provide our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive data integration solutions available. We understand the ever changing dynamics of technology and are leveraged at staying one step ahead of it. Discovery, knowledge, and the relentless pursuit of perfection are what define Smart Lock.

With our R&D team, it's evident that our objective is to develop innovative and easy to install products for our customers.

Explorer GPS:


Our major EXPLORER GPS products are GPS modules and related GPS integrated products such as Automotive In-Car GPS Navigator, Person Navigation Device (PND), GPS Tracking Device and GPS antennas. Adding GPS location capability to a product or an asset management system means increased efficiency, productivity and safety. We also provide excellent design ability, high-quality processing technologies and premium service to cooperate with our customers to develop new products. By providing complete "custom-designed" service, our products can meet the requirements of technical specifications, shortening designing cycle and schedule of time-to-market.